Robot Challenge 2014

Walking robots, driving robots, big robots, tiny robots, robots looking like a box, humanoid robots, human looking like robots, fighting robots, hugging robots, robots following a line, flying robots, running robots, green robots, red robots, wooden robots, robots made from steel, robots made from Lego, creative robots, robots that get stuck, funny robots but only one robot winning the challenge.

This weekend the Robot Challenge 2014 took place here in Vienna. Robots from all over the world tried to get most out of their batteries to win the trophy for their owners. People from all ages attended at this challenge and tuned every parameter of their robot until seconds before the start of each run.

I don't have a robot (yet), but I was one of the two official photographers for this big event, so, here are some impressions of the event. Don't forget to share this link if you enjoy it! :-)